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Price: $45.00
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Printed on 13" x 19" Photo Matte Finish Paper: $45
Original Size on Watercolor Paper: $200 (+$155.00)
Original Size on Canvas: $200 (+$155.00)
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Original Size: 17" x 20"

Arabic Transliteration: Ash’ hadu an la illaha il-allah. Ash’ hadu anna Muhammadan rasulallah.

English Translation: I witness there is no god but God. I witness Muhammad is the Messenger of God.

Rahima’s Notes: This piece will remain very special to me. I knew who it was for before beginning the piece,  but I did not know what would be written. It was my first piece with decorative artwork around it. After I finished the arwork, I began the Arabic words. I already  knew this piece was going to be for my friend Maryam who was on retreat with Sidi at the time. The text is called the Witnessing which is the statement made by a person who is converting to Islam. When Maryam returned from retreat, she told me she had witnessed and was now officially a Muslim. We soon discovered that I had completed the text on the very day she had taken Shahadah. We are still amazed.