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Surah An Nasr
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Surah An Nasr

Price: $45.00
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Printed on 13" x 19" Photo Matte Finish Paper: $45
Original Size on Watercolor Paper: $200 (+$155.00)
Original Size on Canvas: $200 (+$155.00)
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Original Size: 19" x 23"

Arabic Transliteration:

The main text:  Suratu-n-Nasr
Idha jaa a nasru-llahi wa-l-fath(u)
Wa ra ayta- n-nasa yad khuluna fi dini-llahi afwaja(an).
Fa- sabbih bi-hamdi rabbika wa-s-taghfirh.    Innahu kana

Below the main text:  from right to left:  at Tawab, al Khalaq, Al Hamd.

English Translation: 

The main text:  Quran, Surah 110:  The Victory
When the Help of Allah comes and the Opening
And you see people entering the religion of Allah in multitudes
Then hymn the praises of your Lord and seek His forgiveness.  Truly He is
Ever Accepting of Repentance.
Below the main text, from right to left:  the Acceptor of Repentance, the Creator, the Praiseworthy.

Rahima’s Notes: This piece represents my victory, my connection to God.  If you look at this, it is very strong.  It feels bold and sharp and clear and without a lot of frills.  It feels like strength and freedom to me.  This is so much my path to God.